About #FailSmarter

For many years, I've had the idea of a Failure Backlog. A long list of Marketing Fails, that other marketeers - young and old - can use to get inspired, be smarter and be aware of potential mistakes. Finally, in 2023 I made the project a reality by launching #FailSmarter.

What is #FailSmarter?

About the Host

My name is Leander C. Seidl and I am a Digital Marketing Strategist, Growth Hacker and Educator. I've worked on digital campaigns since 2010, and I've always been intrigued about new formats to share insights and know-how about my profession.

I've worked for Startups and Corporates, B2B and B2C Companies, in industries ranging from Crypto, to E-Commerce, to tourism.

The idea of creating a Failure Backlog first came up in a meeting at the Agency Hackabu, where I worked in 2018. The idea has been on my mind ever since - and in 2022, I've finally dedicated time and ressources to make it a reality.

Add your Fail

Do you work in Marketing? I would love to interview you about your most interesting marketing Fail! Connect with me on the contact page of this website to get started!