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The Fail

In this episode of #FailSmarter, we delve into the marketing misadventures of Cosmin Sipoș, CEO of a successful digital marketing agency based in Bucharest, Romania. In the discussion, Cosmin tells us about how easily client communication can go wrong – just by forgetting to proactively communicate a few times, a good first impression can be permanently set back.

The Details

What went wrong…

As Cosmin demonstrates with his story, the perils of poor communication and a misguided client perception are a real risk for any marketing agency and even internal marketing teams. He shares how in the early days, his agency worked hard and proficiently but didn’t focus enough on adequately communicating their process and progress to clients, leading to periods of silence and growing unease with the client. Moreover, internal attitudes towards clients often became laced with frustration and dismissiveness, skewing their perception of the client, damaging relationships and impeding the growth of the agency.

What to learn from it…

In order to improve from this Fail, Cosmin and his team focused on the value of efficient communication and empathy towards clients. Instituting tangible changes like a client document to clearly outline expectations and a set number of iterations for material adjustments, they aimed to optimize workflow and align expectations. Moreover, the agency has learned to empathize with their clients, viewing them as partners rather than mere commercial entities, resulting in the formation of more authentic relationships and improved client satisfaction.

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