TikTok’s Regional Algorithm Fail – Saomai Nguyen Le

The Fail

When Saomai Nguyen Le ran a TikTok launch campaign for a new brand, it was all targeted for Austrian users of the App. But sometimes, the TikTok algorithm has a mind of its own regarding who gets to see which posts…

The Details

What went wrong…

Several factors contributed to the failure of Saomai’s TikTok brand launch. The use of a Croatian SIM card and posting the video from Croatia caused the algorithm to assume the content was intended for a Croatian audience. Additionally, the content lacked specific location hashtags, and Saomai’s phone language was set to Croatian. These factors combined caused the video to be improperly targeted, resulting in poor performance.

What to learn from it…

Saomai’s experience serves as a valuable lesson for marketers working with global audiences. To avoid similar mishaps, it is crucial to ensure all parameters, such as phone language, SIM card, and location, align with the intended audience. Additionally, using specific hashtags, particularly those related to location, can help guide the algorithm to better understand the target audience. When possible, collaborating with someone in the target country to post the content can also help prevent algorithm misinterpretations.

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